Getting Help

Neovim includes an extensive help system, which provides a significant amount of detail about virtually any vim-related topic. To open the help system, from Normal mode enter the command:


Which splits the current window and displays a buffer containing the main help page. We will review splits shortly in the windows chapter.

navigate the help window as you would any buffer, for example using j, k, etc.

Help for a specific topic

The help contents for a specific topic or command by adding the topic or command when invoking the help system. For example, to review the documentation for the help system itself:

:help help

Following links

Help contents often contain links to other help topics. To review the linked content, move the cursor over the link and type C-].

Changing topics

Once in the help system you can manually jump to other topics using the tag command:

:tag [topic]

where topic refers to the help topic you want to jump to.

Returning to topics

Return to the previous help topic by invoking C-T.

Exiting the help window

Exit the help window and return to the original window by typing C-W c or :quit.