Navigating in the Command-Line

Simple cursor navigation within the command-line can be achieved using the left and right arrow keys. Here is a summary of cursor movements in the command-line:

<Left>cursor left
<Right>cursor right
<S-Left>cursor one word left
<S-Right>cursor one word right
C-Bcursor to begin of command-line
C-Ecursor to end of command-line
C-Hsame as <BS>
<Del>delete the character under the cursor
C-Wdelete the word in front of the cursor
C-Uremove all characters

Inserting content from registers

You can directly insert the content of a register with C-R followed by the register.

Selecting from the Completion Menu

Some commands, such as :edit, open a completion menu to allow the user to select from available options. Selections can be made form the completion menu using C-N and C-P for the next and previous menu items, respectively.