Listing Auto-Commands

Listing Auto-Commands


where opts is a table containing one or more of:

    group, -- optional string or integer, which group(s) to include
    event, -- optional string or list of strings, which event(s) to include
    -- 0 or 1 of the following:
    pattern, -- optional string or list of strings, pattern filter
    -- for buffer-local auto-commands:
    buffer -- optional integer or list of integers

Note that pattern and buffer are mutually-exclusive, if either is present the other cannot.

This functions returns a list of tables, where each table represents an auto-command that matched the filter(s) specified in opts, and table contains the following keys:

    id, -- integer, auto-command id
    group, -- integer, group id
    group_name, -- string, auto-group name
    desc, -- string, auto-command description
    event, -- string, event name
    command, -- string, command or nil if Lua callback
    callback, -- optional function or string
    once, -- boolean, whether the auto-command is fired only once (default false)
    pattern, -- string, the auto-command pattern
    buflocal, -- boolean, true if the auto-command is buffer local
    buffer -- integer, the buffer number